Questionable Pleasure

This beautiful plant has a terrible common name, that is, “bear’s breeches.” On the vertical stock, flowers feel spiny when touched.

At our church, I gave the 1-3 graders a tour of the Bible garden. During our odyssey, we came to the bear’s breech, I asked them to touch the edge of the leaves to feel the spiny nature of the leaves. None thought leaves were prickly. It was a different story when they touched the vertical, mauve flower that grew well above the plant leaves. None of the children could wrap their hands around the plant because it was so prickly.

Take another look at the photograph of the bear’s breech flower stalk. Using your sight only, you may decide to plant this easy-to-grow shrub in your garden; but remember these flowers aren’t a good choice in a cut flower arrangements that may be touched.

If you view the “so called” pleasures of the world with your sight only, you may decide to indulge in them. But when you spend more time partaking you realize they are spiny, even prickly. These “pleasures” aren’t something you really want to rub up against or become immersed in.

Reflection: Are there any activities in your life that are hurting you, that you should stay away from? These activities interfere with your faith walk.


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