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Author’s Books describe books I’ve published. Books are focused on faith and nature and are divided into three types: a) Bible plants and b) Bible characters, and c) life’s Issues. You can purchase each in electronic or paperback on Amazon. Some you can purchase directly from me.

God yearns to communicate with us. In scores of Bible parables, God used plants to illustrate his nature, spiritual truths about his kingdom, and how we should live. Yet, interpreting Bible parables illustrated by plants isn’t easy; 21st-century society is far removed from the Bible’s original audience. Often, contact with plants grown for food is 2nd-or-3rd hand.  We don’t have an “aha” moment where we understand a parable by its comparison to a plant. God as a Gardener encompasses 24 parables illustrated by plants, 12 in the Old Testament and 12 in the New Testament. This Bible study is written for average church members who want to understand parable messages and want a unique perspective. Each chapter contains an original water-colored illustration of the parable’s plant(s).

I have about 7 of these books for sale in the USA. The cost, $8.00, includes S & H and Tax. Such a good deal!!!! Contact me at

In the liturgical year, we live life with Jesus day-after-day until one day, Jesus’ life becomes our own. When we integrate the church calendar into our lives, we are the message of Jesus. Our lives become the seasons of the church year. We are the cast in the greatest drama of all time – the life of Christ and his church. Like me, when you learned that there was a church calendar and church seasons, you may have said, “that’s nice” followed by, “why should I bother to learn this material? I’m busy with school, job, child-rearing, etc.” Nonetheless, if you decide to investigate the church calendar, likely your next question was: “Where can I get a book that is a ‘quick read?’” Some of you may have added, “I need an electronic copy.” This book is your answer; yes, it comes in electronic format.

No better source exists for a daily mediation than the Bible. In this devotional, meditations reflect Genesis events and people. Stories are told through plant creation. In the ancient near East, humankind lived close to the plant world. Often, early people had beliefs about plants that 21st-century individuals term superstitious. Meditations are short—yet they stimulate your thoughts. If you’re like me, you don’t always have your Bible with you, i.e., you may be at a coffee shop or the work break room. Relevant Bible verses are included with each meditation.

I have about 10 of these books for sale in the USA. The cost, $8.00, includes S & H and Tax. Such a good deal!!!! Contact me at

So many lies are out there about Bible stories. Some 21st-century Americans believe them without much thought. The problem is: What if we use these “facts” in evangelism, only to learn that we are completely wrong? The theme of Lore, Legends, Lies is evangelism using stories from Genesis and accurate information from legends, scientific thoughts, and some modern pastors’ sermons. Because we live in a multicultural society, information from the Koran and Book of Mormon is included.

I have about 7 of these books for sale in the USA. The cost, $8.00, includes S & H and Tax. Such a good deal!!!! Contact me at

Often, Jesus used plants when he performed miracles, told parables, and made teaching points. Sometimes Jesus used plants when he reprimanded individuals. Remember those Pharisees? This book is the intersection between plants and Jesus’ life, teachings, miracles, and parables. All scripture is breathed out by God and is valuable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. That means, we can be taught and trained by understanding plants Jesus used in the Gospels.

Like us, plants groan under the impact of sin in the world. They wait in eager expectation for a new earth to be revealed. Most people are unaware that the Bible mentions over 125 different plants. Yet, Holy Scriptures contain no excess information or “filler.” Every scripture is given by God and is valuable for instruction in holy living. Whether a fruit tree, cereal grain, or thistle, each plant has a purpose in God’s word. Plants had meanings in ancients’ lives, and that meaning extends to Christian lives of 21st-century individuals. We can learn, or perhaps refuse to learn, Godly lessons from Bible plants.

I have about 7 of these books for sale in the USA. The cost, $8.00, includes S & H and Tax. Such a good deal!!!! Contact me at

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