Solomon’s Crown

Cyclamen persicum

The beautiful cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) is often called Solomon’s crown because it resembles descriptions of Solomon’s crown. Although not identified in the Bible, cyclamen grow freely among rocks and on rock walls in Israel.  During the Christmas season, cyclamens are a popular gift, possibly because they are associated with the Holy Land.

Last fall, I purchased and planted three of the hardy cyclamen corms in St. John Church Bible Garden in Roanoke, VA. I was hoping that they would grow in the spring but none of them made it through the winter.

The more I read about Solomon, the worse I feel about him. He didn’t make it over the winter. He had so much going for him; however, he succumbed to worship of his wives’ gods. We need to be sure that we never slowly drift (like Solomon) to worship of a god other than God.

Updated 2/8/23.






2 responses to “Solomon’s Crown”

  1. Beautiful, for sure, and a great message!

  2. MaryLou Sanford Avatar
    MaryLou Sanford

    I would love to plant this in my garden, but it is toxic to cats and dogs. I have 2 curious Chihuahuas, so as beautiful as cyclamens are, I will just admire them in nurseries.
    Thank you for your ministry. Flora is a gift from God, and meant to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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