A Long Life?

Quercus calliprinos with Bruce

Abraham camped near the oaks of Mamre (Genesis 14:13 and 18:1-8).

 Quercus calliprinos (2)

The great trees of Mamre are Quercus calliprinos, called Palestinian oaks.  It is the most common tree found in the wildlife of Israel.  At one time the Palestinian oak was an important source of hard wood for ships, ploughs, yokes, canes. Bark was a source of tannin to dye skins and leather. Acorns were roasted and eaten during famine. The tribe of Dan made way-bread from acorns and took it to war.

In the Bible, oaks were associated with power, strength, or longevity in the sense of long life. The great oaks of Mamre symbolized Abraham’s long life. A Palestinian oak near Hebron, called Abraham’s Oak, is thought to be over 850 years old.

An Israelite proverb is that the fear of the Lord adds length to life; but the years of the wicked are cut short (Proverbs 10:27). Perhaps the underlying logic of this proverb is as simple as individuals who fear the Lord live more prudent lives than do the wicked; therefore, they live longer. Whatever the cause and effect of the proverb, it is important and true because it is God’s word.

Reflection. Do you want a long life? How do you think a long life is related to fear of the Lord? Does fear of God have any place in how you live your current life?

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3 responses to “A Long Life?”

  1. I’ve always found it sad that 10 righteous people couldn’t be found in Sodom, which probably had a good-sized population. And I’ve also wondered whether Lot was considered one of the righteous, since he offered his own virgin daughters to the mob. I can’t believe that he was considered so, but that he was saved due to Abraham’s love for him. What does God see when he looks down upon our cities of today? Would anyone be allowed to escape his wrath? I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carolyn, I love reading your blog, and it often gives me inspiration for creation lessons I write for children. Thank you!

    1. Debby, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I love children and am happy that I can add to their lives.

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