Triumphal entry

Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem took place on the first day of the Jewish week. Christian call this day “Palm Sunday” or “Passion Sunday.” Crowds  placed their cloaks on the road for Jesus’ donkey to step on, people waved palm leaves, and shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David, blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord, hosanna in the highest.”

The crowds expect Jesus to throw off Roman oppression,  to implement fair and equitable taxation, to initiate fair wages, to provide food for them in abundance, to heal their bodies and relationships, and to repudiate the oppressive requirements of Pharisees. The people wanted a warlord. Instead, they got a suffering servant. Probably, some of the crowd that greeted Jesus with palm leaves and hosannas, were the same people that called for his crucifixion.

Palm trees (at the time Phoenix dactyferia) grow up to 100 feet tall.  Palm branches grow only at the top of the tree and are 6-8 feet long.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people were expecting him to take action.  Instead, Jesus entered Jerusalem and went into the Temple courts. He looked around at everything in the Temple; then went back to Bethany with the 12 apostles. When Jesus looked around, he wasn’t being casual. He looked to see if the Temple was a place to worship God where all were welcome. Was the Temple functioning in the way God planned for it to function?

Reflection: What do you think people want from Jesus today?


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  1. Extreamly well put! Glory to Jesus! Robert Horvath Tucson Arizona USA on Facebook

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