Myrtle for book (2)

Bible Reference: Zechariah 1:1-17.

Many world cultures assigned meaning to the myrtle blossom: beauty, love, paradise, and immortality.  In this Bible story from nature, myrtle symbolized recovery and prosperity. For the Jews of Zechariah’s time to prosper, God required that they rebuild the Temple as an indication of their faith in him

Other Bible verses identified additional requirements for prosperity in our life’s odyssey in today’s world: 1) fear God, 2) repentance and acceptance of Christ as Savior, and 3) follow God’s laws.

When we consider God’s requirements for prosperity, they don’t seem particularly onerous.  Prosperity not only benefits people who receive God’s abundance but benefits and causes joy in the entire city and region.

Reflection. Prosperity and wealth are not the same things.




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