Spiritual Adultery

Resurrection LilyThe prophet Hosea averred that disloyalty to God and idol worship were spiritual adultery.  God said that if individuals repented, he would be like the dew and they would blossom like a lily.  God is willing to refresh and stimulate us like a pristine lily blooming in nature.

The lily symbolizes chastity and innocence. Through Christ, God invites each of us to become chaste and innocent, no matter our sins, crimes, or idols. Chastity and innocence occur when we have new birth by having faith in Christ as our Savior. We maintain that same chastity and innocence by confessing our sins to God on an ongoing basis.

Reflection. What are your idols in this life’s odyssey? Are you ready to give them up for a return to God-given innocence and chastity?


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